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The goal of this page is that I’m seeking to sell the invention that I developed from A-Z. Currently, it is in the closet so to speak. I have taken it as far as I want to right now.

The following pictures show the power of our fertilizer (living microbe) derived from “fish waste products.” 

The fertilizer is made into a foliar spray 100 percent organic.  The spray must be used with a compost tea brewer that I have also invented. There is no end to the applications of use.

    • Lawn, fruit trees,
    • an all-purpose garden fertilizer even house plants.
    • Plus with a few additives to the original base product, the fertilizer can be expanded for different applications.
The formula includes all organic and ancient techniques, derived and perfected over a 5-year process with thousands of tests until it was perfected.

We outdo our competitors by the end product. It’s lightweight and can be shipped easily and has no fish smell. It is non-toxic and even animals can eat it without adverse side effects. It can be stored easily without a mess.

It’s important in viewing the pictures to bear in mind that these crops were grown in raised beds with a depth of 8 inches in Texas during record hot temperatures.

These yields were the spectacle of the Dallas/Fort Worth areas for several years. The eco-farm was visited by over 50 countries of the world including master gardeners, mission leaders, leaders of humanitarian organizations for feeding the poor, and colleges. Two leading universities visited and studied with us also, Texas A & M and Southern Methodist University. In the end, our biggest problem was directing traffic everyone wanted to see the crops.

We have endorsements from these two leading universities but also conversations behind the scenes that can’t be made public. Such as from Texas A & M and the Texas Arboretum. The Arboretum said it would take them three years to grow the pequin pepper to the height in our picture. It took us from April to July with our fertilizer. We had special growing areas for peppers and a seasoned Texas A & M official said he had never seen peppers like we grew. Then he said,  “don’t quote me or I will lose my job!”

How the product works. In a word, the product accelerates life at a microbial level. Special Ingredients are added to the formula to enable the plant to not only organically absorb the fertilizer but increasing the effectiveness of both sun and fertilizer absorption. The plant is literally TRANSFORMED by the product to absorb more nutrients from the soil 700 fold THUS requiring less fertilizer to obtain the yields shown. The formal also makes the plant more drought-resistant and bug resistant.

The collard at the top was grown in the hole of a normal-sized cinderblock. The crop received revised nutrients from the spray then from the sun.


Compost Tea Maker

This is our compost tea maker that we invented to use with our organic fertilizer!

If you would like further information, I will take a call from serious inquiries only.