Vacation Bible School Begins in India!

Just as we were feeding 1400 starving people and 50 pastor families on May 14th in India through this team, I received a text message saying,Restrictions lifted we are starting VBS!” Like a rocket ship they launched – they live ready!

On day one they visited 47 villages and one day later they moved into 715 more villages starting up VBS (Vacation Bible School) classes. If you think we are not living in the day of miracles you’re wrong. Hundreds of children have already come to Christ on the very first day. Just in case the government shuts us down, the plan of salvation was given right at the beginning. We are taking all names and addresses and leaving a kit that is packed full of blessings including CDs, snacks, the Word of God, and a lesson book that we designed and printed ourselves from scratch clearly expanding the gospel and how to follow Christ.

But the praise belongs to our God and thanks to God’s people, the Body of Christ. We worked on this project since February of 2020. We were raising donations and made new curriculum, videotapes, and even videos on COVID 19 and THEN everything shut down!

Our hearts sank, we asked the Lord if we would be able to start again. After several days of fasting and prayer, the Lord showed our native team to BE READY ON THE DAY RESTRICTIONS LIFT!

I have never seen such speed, but I was jolted as we are funding this crusade for the souls of children. We supply the travel expenses for the trip and sometimes we must bless village leaders with a gift of food so they let us in. We need the prayers of God’s people. The bold goal was 1,111 villages in 2020. We can only make with your prayers and help. All these pictures are just days old so you can witness the power and blessing of our God in uncertain times.

Only the Father knows how long we can conduct VBS classes. Is COVID-19 over or will it come back? These are times to invest in souls while it is still day. Jesus said, “The night is coming when no man can work.” John 9:4.

Due to the native missionary movement, we can work faster and longer because they are willing to die if need be to advance the gospel of our Lord one more mile. This is the commitment level we witnessed in early missions a century ago. Now they have been raised up for such a time as this. Who else could have moved into over 762 villages in a few days? What an honor we have to be co-laborers with them!