20 Families Released from Prison!

We are thrilled to follow up with you after our recent email regarding our urgent prayer request!

Your notes, emails, and calls greatly inspired us during this time! GRM is in REVIVAL! A different kind of revival occurs when the hearts of our co-laborers are deeply stirred to shut down the 15 worst prisons we work with. As a result, hundreds of prisoners are now FREE! In our last release, 20 families, 112 people are now on a new journey, living a new life!


During these recent deliverances, we have taken a top lawyer with us. We wanted to pay him, and he refused, saying, “I am glad to be a part of something that I have never seen happen in Pakistan.”

The amazing miracle is that these family trees have been in captivity for generations. They have never seen a day of freedom until now. Teresa and I have helped cooperate with this revival since Christmas 2023; we have not left our offices since this broke out. 81 families are not only FREE, but are now business owners, all serving the Lord under a pastor. To our God be the glory! God’s people be thanked.

“The LORD replied, Look around at the nations; look and be amazed, for I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it.” Habakkuk 1:5

Thanks for standing with us!

John & Teresa Musser

All of them were sex slaves. As you can see, two are mothers. They came walking up with their heads bent down, full of shame. I knew they had received Christ, and I told them that they are cleansed now and forgiven. Just like Mary Magdalene, Jesus forgave her, but she also became one of Jesus’ closest followers and served the Lord all her life. I then prayed for them, and all four of them, after prayer, lifted up their heads and smiled back at me. It was a very emotional time as we had other stories in this last deliverance, such as the boy with the scalded hands and a man who had one leg removed, attempting to keep his wife from rape.

I believe the Lord looks down upon these situations and has great compassion for them and is raising up people to channel His blessings through so we can continue to break the shackles from these families

In this picture, John is praying for a boy whose hand was scalded with hot water when he was 15 because he touched his brick master’s cup. He is now free and currently undergoing surgery. In English, his name means Lion!

Arslan, the boy with scalded hands was from the last 20 families that were delivered from prison on April 26th. This happened when he was fifteen and he has grown fast.

In 2018 we started removing families from this prison Kiln # 77. The scalding happened about 6 years ago and was one of the reasons we began removing families. God’s people removed 28 families and the remaining 20 families on April 26.

Arslan and the remaining prisoners were set free as of April 26, 2024!

Our updated total is 20 families, 112 people. 43 boys, 31 girls, and 38 adults. Most girls of age were abused sexually. Four girls came forward (see below) for prayer who were sex slaves. They held their heads down in shame. I talked with them and afterward prayed over them, telling them that Jesus healed Mary Magdalene and he had chosen them to be free and his blood would wash them from all sin. I also said Mary later became a close friend of Jesus and served Him, and when I said this, all of them smiled at once as God touched them deeply.

Our director says Arslan is also receiving counseling as the event was a great trauma.

Even with these hands, he had to keep his quota of bricks. A fine-looking young man now at about 20. The event took place when he was only 15 for touching the owner’s cup. His screams could be heard throughout the prison, terrorizing everyone. All the children lived daily in fear. Much prayer is needed as the children were terrorized, encountering nightmares fearing for their lives.

What a joy it is now, after all these years of abuse, this terror has been shut down with no remaining families. We had a top lawyer to help us. When we got to the prison, the owner thought we would take only one family, but when we said the entire prison, he went into anger and shock. Our lawyer laid out the rules that we had all the money necessary, and the law stated this was all we needed. The agreement was made after a lengthy negotiation for the souls of men.

Afterward, the entire prison was told that Jesus was setting them all free! Everyone cried “Hallelujah,” shouting praise to the Lord! We put them all on a tour bus to bring to the church to see Teresa and me. It was hard to hold back the tears on this one. The women, Arslan, and a brother with one leg came forward one by one. Many others had stories to tell of trauma. A husband defending his wife from rape was punished by having his leg removed.

We got Arslan to the doctor as soon as we could. We had already taken many pictures giving them to doctors before their release.  I just copied the latest news for our native director below: (emp. mine)

“Greetings. Dad went to the doctor today, and at least three doctors have said that both hands are burnt so badly that most of his Finger’s joints are no longer flexible. The result would not be 100%; instead 50 to 60% chance of betterment. Enough that he can hold things and do work, but it would be impossible to make them look like normal hands. Surgery will be in two phases. Arslan is so happy and grateful.”

 I looked up his name, and it means lion: “The name “Arslan” has its origins in Arabic and Turkish cultures, and it translates to “lion” in English. It symbolizes bravery, power, and nobility, traits often associated with lions.

When we started this outreach, the Lord gave me a word: Preachers, pastors, evangelists, Christian businessmen, and women would come out of the brick-maker prisons, touching all of Pakistan. Who knows what God has in mind for this boy?

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