Hill Tribes People of Southern India

The Hill Tribes people of Southern India have a very unique story behind them  often seen in our publications.

GRM native leaders were among the first to be accepted into their mountains nearly 20 years ago. A very large community of them consisting of many villages had been totally shut off from civilization!

We located them with an old government map just after teaching our native team of 300 leaders about reaching unreached tribes, the last of the Lost. We were able to get a WATER WELL high into the mountains helping multiple villages providing DAILY water to thousands. Later a church was built and God’s work among them flourished.

We lost touch for a while, but now through the fruitful ministry of  Rev. Kumar, GRM is once again reunited with the Hill Tribes people. Brother Kumar and his native team have a work that is rare with access to thousands of tribals . This year they have reached 32,049 children in 703 remote villages with the great effort of 1,750 VBS teachers.

The pictures show this months distribution of natural ingredients to combat a KILLER VIRUS rendering hundreds of Tribals sick and many have died in the crisis.

Brother Kumar and team are a GRM AIM (associated international Ministry)  partner.

GRM sows monthly into this great ministry. If you give through the link below, it will show a designated fund and go directly to this work.

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